Internal & External Communication

Internal & External Communication

Event Participation – Anytime your company or an employee is either presenting or attending a marketing-related event (or even an event that would be of interest to your audience), capture not just an activity at the event, but also the people associated with your company, sharing their own experience of the event.

Thank You’s – can be used for client appreciation, or as an award or acknowledgement to vendors that go out of their way to make certain your needs are met.

Announcements – what’s coming up on your calendar that people should know about? Will you be at a public event where you can meet clients and prospects (or general audiences that follow your company and your industry)? Perhaps you have a new offering that you want to inform your customers of. Consider a quick video announcement and leverage email marketing with video to directly inform those who may be interested.

Video Blogging (Vlogging) – The Social Media Examiner reported that blogs are the #1 social media tool for doing business today. Not only can your videos be easily embedded in your blog around related text content, but it’s also possible to generate text content right from your own video for the blog post itself.


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